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Zebedee and the Valentines

Zebedee and the Valentines

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By Abs Bailey. Published by Avery Hill Publishing. 

Softcover, 108 pages, Colour, 2020.

Zebedee & The Valentines by Abs Bailey
1982. A pub, somewhere in a small suburban town in the South of England. Zebedee and The Valentines have just played the gig of their lives. The seven people watching them agree. With a big battle of the bands approaching, lead singer Zebedee and his motley crew of punks seem ready to blow up. But when the Devil is booking your gigs and the competition is fierce, was it ever really going to be that easy? The debut graphic novel from incredible new creator Abs Bailey, Zebedee and The Valentines is a psychedelic tale of betrayal, tragedy and triumph told through the lens of the 80s, and with amps turned up to 11.

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