To round out our stock, we buy graphic novels and mini-comics second hand for our Cheaper Used section.

If you'd like to clear out your bookshelves and make a few quid, send us a list or a picture of what you've got to and we'll see what we can do! Even if you're outside of Dublin, we can figure out how to get the books to us.

Minus a few odd exceptions, Little Deer doesn't really deal in Marvel or DC and most floppies we get go into our Free Box. Only self-contained, single volume stories for now. Some gaps I'd love to fill right now: anything from the Love & Rockets series by the Hernandez Brothers, any books by closed/closing down publishers like Koyama Press and AdHouse Books. 

We also buy things that aren't comics if they're comically related! So if you've got an American Splendor DVD, we'll buy it! Or a Cowboy Bebop soundtrack CD or a Scott Pilgrim vinyl or a Ghost World Blu-ray, any animated films and tv series, we'd love to stock Steven Universe or Adventure Time.