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Xanadu (Blu-ray)

Xanadu (Blu-ray)

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*This is NOT a comic! But includes an animated sequence by Don Bluth! Also: rollerskates!

By Robert Greenwald. Published by Fabulous. 

Blu-ray Disc, 96 minutes, 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio, Colour, 1980

Step into a magical world with superstars Olivia Newton-John (Grease) and Gene Kelly (Singin' in the Rain) as they take Xanadu! A beautiful muse is sent from up above to inspire a struggling artist and help motivate him to open a roller-disco. The dazzling soundtrack includes the hit songs "Magic", "I'm Alive", " All Over The World", "Suddenly" and the title song "Xanadu". Throw on your roller-skates, turn up the volume and enjoy this out-of-this-world fantasy!

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