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Wrestle Club

Wrestle Club

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By Josh Rosen. Self Published. 

Softcover, 20 pages, Monochrome, 2018. 

Do you like ACTION? Do you like DRAMA? Are you ready for the HEIGHT of competitive performance, from any past, present, or future generation of athlete? Then get ready for the ALL GIRLS FIEGHT LEAGUE! All hitting, all flipping, all throwing, ALL THE TIME! Bringing you the very best in athletic entertainment. These girls come from the world over to hone their skills at the AGFL training camp, learning from the very best and UNLEASHING in the squared circle. See TIGER DREAM, RACHEL SPURR, NADIA KING, TAMMY TABULA, STAR EXCALIBUR, and MANY MORE compete for that prize of prizes - the fabled AGFL GALAXY BELT - in a contest for the ages! These ladies are ready to fly, ready to fight, ready to WIN!

The question is... are YOU ready for THEM?


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