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World of Tomorrow: The First Three Episodes (Blu-ray)

World of Tomorrow: The First Three Episodes (Blu-ray)

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*This is not a comic book! I stock it because the creator also makes comics.

By Don Hertzfeldt. Produced by Bitter Films.

Region Free Blu-ray Disc, 2021. 

World of Tomorrow
World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People's Thoughts
World of Tomorrow Episode Three: The Absent Destinations of David Prime
+ The rare animated short Intro, a deleted scene, a 32-page booklet, and the new
animated special feature On Memory

"world of tomorrow" is an animated short film from 2015 that has grown into an ongoing independent series. over two years in production, episode three was just released worldwide on-demand last october, after covid-19 cancelled our theatrical plans. here are some nice things people have written:

"Over the last five years, Hertzfeldt has crafted what might be the crowning  achievement of modern science fiction... Each chapter only grows in scope and scale and ambition...a stirring, bleakly funny, ultimately uplifting portrait of the whole of human need and desire."  -  Brian Roan, The Film Stage

"Intimate-yet-epic, lovely-yet-heartbreaking, short-yet-eternal." - Will Leith, GQ

"A teasingly, risibly complicated sci-fi yarn involving sad clones and their broken back-ups vaulting across space and multiple timelines in search of emotional respite and enlightenment, identity and  companionship." - Nick Bradshaw, Sight and Sound

"Frequently profound and very, very funny" - Collin Souter,

"Every second is packed to the brim with a wealth of fastidious detail and disarming charm... an inspired, hilarious story of love and  perseverance pushed to the brink of the known universe and the limits of  common sense." - Toussaint Egan, Polygon

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