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Witchcraft & Melancholia

Witchcraft & Melancholia

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*This is not a comic! I carry it because the publisher also publishes amazing comics!

By Loie Locatelli Kournwsky. Published by Peow Studio.

Softcover, 84 pages, Colour, 2021.

An art book by french artist and illustrator Loic Locatelli. He's got a very recognisable style which spreads from cute and whimsical creatures to grim and raw environments and figures. Without difficulty, Loic often manages to let the to opposite styles coexist in a weird harmony that balances between realism and cartoons.

In the book we get to find out a bit about Loic's background, his thoughts on being an artist, and why he's drawn to depict motifs of the occult, the supernatural, undead and witches. 

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