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By Lillie J. Harris. Self Published. 

Softcover, 72 pages, Colour, 2021

Wilderness by Lillie J. Harris explores the displacement and search of one’s home through paranormal senses, familial trauma, and werewolves. Roscoe works at a restaurant and is dealing with the trauma of an accident that took their arm. Beau and Ronny are siblings who deal with a supernatural affliction. Their stories intersect in a small rural town.

Wilderness vibrates with an emotional resonance, vibrant colors, and a living line. Lillie uses quiet moments to give their characters a lot of room to breathe, and a pacing that helps present the complex emotions behind the characters’ actions.

Wilderness is Lillie J. Harris’ thesis comic for the Center for Cartoon Studies. Lillie was advised on this project by Ashanti Forston.

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