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What Awaits Them

What Awaits Them

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By Liam Cobb. Published by Breakdown Press. 

Softcover, 126 pages, Colour, 2023. 

“Liam’s name crops up often as a measure of a great work with an instant narrative that makes you stop and stare at an image for far too long.”

Lucy Bourton - It’s Nice That

Breakdown Press is thrilled to release What Awaits Them, the long-awaited and complete collection of Liam Cobb’s short-form comics.

Bringing together the previous Breakdown Press releases “The Inspector” and “The Fever Closing”, this new anthology includes strips and stories from every part of Cobb’s career. Readers will be transported to exotic luxury islands, the darkest rainforests, snow-swept frontiers and a bizarrely run Michelin-starred restaurant, and will discover the unique mix of lush extravagance and bleak realities that his comics bring to the form.

Cobb’s comics reflect the relative loneliness of contemporary life with gleaming, monolithic architecture. Metaphysical love blossoms in the dank humidity of the jungle in a whirlwind of melancholy and mundanity. His clean, unmistakable lines razor the page through rich colour, transporting the reader to a clinical oasis, a gleaming utopia laced with irony and sweat.

With these stories, Cobb invites you to submerge yourselves in his uncanny waters and discover, once and for all, What Awaits Them...

Printed by 12.Matbaa in Turkey.

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