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We Dig Worms!

We Dig Worms!

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By Kevin McCloskey. Published by Toon Books. 

Softcover, 36 pages, Colour, 2015. 

Giggle and learn with a book that's as informative as it is silly!

What do worms do all day? How do they see? And why are they so cold and squishy? Find out by going on an underground tour through the hidden world of earthworms. Kevin McCloskey’s book even shows readers what’s happening inside a worm’s body— brain, crop, gizzard, and more. The book takes young readers from “ew!” to “wow!” as they learn about the different ways worms work hard to help the earth. Kids may pick up many of the life science lessons contained here on their first read, but they’ll return to We Dig Worms! again and again to rediscover its story. Deceptively simple, humble yet charming, this little book reaches surprising depths...just like, well, a worm! 

Kevin McCloskey teaches illustration at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania.  When his wife, a librarian, asked for a fun worm book to read at the library, he came up with this informative and silly adventure that will have kids wriggling with pleasure.

An Eisner Best Publication for Early Readers Nominee 2016
School Library Journal Best Books of 2015
Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Awards Nominated Title 2017-2018
A 2016 Texas 2x2 Reading List Selection
A recommended reading list for children age 2 to grade 2

"McCloskey comes not to bury worms (they can handle that themselves) but to praise them in a guide to annelids that manages to be reverent in its irreverence."
--Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

"This paean to the worm is a winning combination of facts and gross-out fun."
--New York Times

"By focusing on the questions kids ask and the way they ask them, the book moves along quickly and provides accurate, intriguing information without getting bogged down in too much detail...An excellent primer for worm enthusiasts and an excellent easy reader for graphic-novel fans."

"Beginning readers who tunnel through this upbeat first introduction will “dig” them too."
--Kirkus Reviews

"No self respecting display of books about night crawlers would omit...WE DIG WORMS by Kevin McCloskey, with pages painted on recycled grocery bags. While the detailed 'map of the worm' is enough itself to recommend this choice, I am also charmed by its dedication, which reads 'for my wife Mama Patt, who asked for a fun worm book to read at the library.' "
--ShelfTalker by Publishers Weekly

"My daughter (budding naturalist that she is) loved the detailed “map of the worm” and was audibly astonished at several of the facts"
--Geek Dad

"We Dig Worms! offers its readers a squiggly-wiggly-and-sometimes-edible-fabulously-fun, informational and educational early reader text."
--Diamond Bookshelf

"We Dig Worms Is A Great Intro To Science For Young Readers!"
--Mom Read It

“An adorable and interesting picture book for ages 4-8 that turns the worm “eww” factor into a sense of awe and respect for the hard-working cold-blooded creatures.”
--Wink Books

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