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Way to Go

Way to Go

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By Harry Mayerovitch. Published by Drawn & Quarterly. 

Softcover, 96 pages, B&W, 2004

So what's so funny about death and dying? At age 93, Harry Mayerovitch penned these whimsical drawings that offer another perspective on the "way to go." Harry Mayerovitch had a remarkable career as an architect, designer, and cartoonist for nearly seven decades. With this new book, D+Q focuses on his cartooning work spanning three very different stages in his life. It begins in 1943 with a comprehensive look at his World War Two cartoons, then moves ahead to 1973 with a major excerpt from his book The Other One , and culminates yet another 30 years later with Mayerovitch's most recent cartoons from 2003, Way to Go . The book presents a fascinating evolution of one artist's work, from drawings of Hitler to the final period in Way to Go , a playful wit, and wry artistic line full of energy and life.


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