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Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine

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By Nathalie Nguyen & Mélody Ung. Published by Firefly. 

Softcover, 128 pages, Colour, 2023. 

Recipes and anecdotes for learning everything about the gastronomic culture of Vietnam.

With the huge emigration from Vietnam after its civil war, Vietnamese cuisine has become part of the mainstream of Asian food eaten by North Americans. But if you are new to it, it has delicious mysteries that this book can explain.

Vietnamese Cuisine is a comprehensive culinary guide, covering:

  • Utensils (woks and steamers)
  • Techniques (chopping and tying herbs)
  • Ingredients
  • Histories
  • Regional foods and maps
  • Etiquette
  • Traditional and holiday meals.

And answers these important questions:

  • What flavor harmonies does a Vietnamese meal comprise?
  • What are the everyday favorites?
  • What are the holiday meals?
  • What are the traditional herbs and spices and where do you find them?
  • What is "pho" and why is it a popular restaurant dish?

And don't forget the delicious recipes: Vietnamese sauces and condiments, spring rolls and cool rolls, beef noodle soups, duck and caramelized pork dishes, coconut milk flan.

All in a handsomely illustrated volume that will be your introduction to a great cuisine.

[An] appealing and accessible debut... The focus is more on describing culinary traditions than recipes themselves, but amid informative sections on restaurant culture and wedding celebrations, readers will learn to make classic dishes including banh mi and beef pho... Though this outing is light on recipes, readers will appreciate Ung's charming illustrations and Nguyen's spirited prose. For anyone looking to explore Vietnamese cuisine, this is a great place to start.
- Publishers Weekly  on 18/07/2023


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