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Truth is Fragmentary

Truth is Fragmentary

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By Gabrielle Bell. Published by Uncivilized Books.

Softcover, 176 pages, B&W and Colour, 2014.

Cartoonist Studio Prize Shortlist 2014

Softcover, 6 x 9 in, 176 pages

For an impoverished cartoonist, I do an awful lot of international traveling.

Raw, bare-boned, scathingly funny dispatches from the renowned comic diarist Gabrielle Bell, with biting cultural commentary mixed with her signature introspective, self-deprecating humor, and surreal digressions (from car-driving bears, through Zombie Apocalypses, to cute babies, and . . . more bears!) as she visits France, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Colombia, back to Brooklyn, and finally landing in upstate New York. In Truth is Fragmentary Gabrielle Bell proves she can be . . . funny!

Gabrielle Bell was born in England and raised in California. Her work has been selected for the 2007, 2009, and 2010 Best American Comics and the Yale Anthology of Graphic Fiction, and she has contributed to McSweeneys, Bookforum, the Believer, and Vice. The title story of Bell's book, "Cecil and Jordan in New York," has been adapted for the film anthology Tokyo! by Michel Gondry. Her latest book, The Voyeurs, was selected as one of the top five graphic novels of 2012 by Publishers Weekly. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

"Refreshingly revelatory and charmingly accessible, this book follows up the previous autobiographical comics Lucky and The Voyeurs and easily solidifies Bell’s reputation as one of the greatest autobiographical cartoonists working."‚ÄïPublishers Weekly, Starred Review

"Bell's work is bursting with heart. Her keen eye for detail and empathetic, introspective voice results in comics that are joyful, unexpected and often refreshingly hilarious."―Huffington Post

"[Gabrielle Bell's] comics brim with unpredictable, incisive observation, as she records not just the humming details of daily existence, but the fancies that fill life’s lulls as well."‚ÄïThe Globe and Mail

"[Gabrielle Bell's] work is strong because of its writing ‚Äï this includes the way she structures a story from panel to panel. The tone is conversational, self-amused, unstressed and assuredly improvisational, like watching an excellent cook throw a meal together from what’s already on hand in the kitchen."‚ÄïPaste Magazine

"As a collection of slices from a cartoonist’s life – including cameos by virtually anyone who is anyone in indie comics – Bell is personable and funny and there is no requirement to go further in order to enjoy her work. But the pleasure of Bell is that there’s so much that lies further if you want to delve beyond the amusing awkward conversations."‚ÄïThe Comics Journal

"[Gabrielle] Bell’s raw assemblage of international travel episodes, perpetual introspection, and examination of her own comics (within her own comics) is both absorbing and funny."‚ÄïHyperallergic

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