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Traces of Madness

Traces of Madness

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By Fernando Balius & Mario Pellejer. Published by Graphic Mundi. 

Softcover, 128 pages, Colour, 2024

I want to share my story to understand what is happening to me.

Fernando Balius was a perfectly ordinary, if misunderstood, young adult—until he started hearing voices.

In Traces of Madness, Fernando describes what it feels like, both mentally and physically, to lose your grip on reality. His life spins out of control when the voices he hears inside his head, depicted in the narrative as a monster, work to destroy his self-esteem and, worse, urge him to hurt himself. Various psychiatric diagnoses and prescribed medications do more harm than good, prompting Fernando to question whether stifling his voices is truly the right path for him. Throughout his experiences, he finds that his connections with others lend him the strength to survive.

Mario Pellejer’s moving illustrations bring Nando’s remarkable story to life. This raw and uniquely hopeful graphic memoir shows the power of community and understanding and encourages us all to push back in solidarity against the pervasive stigma surrounding mental illness.

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