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Tin Crown: Free Couch

Tin Crown: Free Couch

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By Bobby Sims. Self Published.

Softcover, 60 pages, Monochrome, 2021.

Free Couch by Bobby Sims follows Erin, a 20-something in Chicago, as she responds to a free couch ad on Craigslist. Her friends Alex and Sam join in as they attempt to retrieve the couch using a bike trailer. Still good friends, Erin and Alex’s lifestyles are starting to drift apart, as Erin is still looking for free furniture from strangers, and Alex is packing up to move to a new town to start a stable job.

Bobby captures a nuanced relationship, and the tensions within it when friends start to live different lives. At its core, this comic glows with love for friendship, the DIY spirit, and kindness. Drawn with a fun sense of design and scale, and packed full of humor, this little book is a gem!


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