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Tilt: Six Tales

Tilt: Six Tales

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Edited by Eve Greenwood & Hari Conner. Published by Quindrie Press. 

Softcover, 164 pages, B&W, 2022. 

Tilt: Six Tales contains a medley of comics from creators Julie Campbell, Chris Manson, Jack Devereaux, Cara Gaffney, Lio Pressland, and Dominique Duong. The book features over 150 pages of black & white comics in one tasty, chunky volume.

  • By the Way - An elderly woman takes the perilous journey to her new home. She finds comfort in the travelling companions she meets along the way - but her journey may not be quite what it seems...

  • F! Providence - Freshly fired from her job and frustrated at the corporation gobbling up her city, Fee and her best friend Elle team up and take action, working to uncover the mystery of exactly who - or what - is behind it all.

  • Gastrotelepathy - Tabetha's psychic powers mean she can predict the food you crave the most and cook it up in a flash... but will it be any use in deducing which of her patrons is infamous art thief The Golden Glove?

  • In Lilac & Silver - When Cleo's recently deceased sister comes back to life in the form of a cyborg, Cleo is made to consider what makes a person themself and struggles with whether this is something she - or her sister - would really want.

  • The Last Stop - Caleb is the enthusiastic owner of The Last Stop, a café for spirits passing through to the other side. But when a human finds his way to the café, the staff soon realise that this new customer might not be able to go home.

  • The Monster & the Girl - A wounded monster seeks refuge in a cave, but to its dismay it quickly discovers that the cave has another regular visitor: a little girl. As they form an unlikely connection, both realise the other's wounds may run deeper than meets the eye.

Edited by Eve Greenwood (Inhibit, When I Was Me: Moments of Gender Euphoria) and Hari Conner (Finding Home, Into the Dungeon). Cover art by Fran Morton.

A5, 164 pages. Appropriate for age 14+, contains suggested child abuse and sibling death.

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