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Thunder & Lightning

Thunder & Lightning

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By Kimberly Wang. Published by Silver Sprocket. 

Softcover, 80 pages, 2-Colour, 2023. 

Corporate magical girls and the apocalypse!

To fight is to live, to fight is to die, to fight is to become something unknown.

In a world where pop media meets military power, two idol-supersoldiers are locked in a world-ending conflict on behalf of their corporate nations. Battles blast across a dying land, both sides convinced of their own righteousness. Ragnarok looms on the horizon. Yet Magni and Dimo—young icons created for the sole purpose of eliminating the other—find their closest reflection in their opposite. Now, completing their mission means destroying the one who understands them most.

Debut author Kimberly Wang crafts a thrilling two-tone sci-fi graphic novel, growing the seeds of hope from the gravel of apocalypse.


"A joy to read–full of dynamic action, sprawling world-building, and heartbreaking moments of introspection–and on top of it all, absolutely beautiful to look at!" – Hannah Templer, Cosmoknights

"Wang’s debut graphic novel explores whether happiness is always achieved when the final boss is dead at last.... A striking debut suited for young adult fans of Puella Magi Madoka Magica." – Booklist

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