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This Book Is Full Of Filth

This Book Is Full Of Filth

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By Megan Rose Gedris aka Rosalarian. Self Published. 

Softcover, 180 pages, Colour, 2021. 

An an-thot-logy of comic smut and fun activities for grown up weirdos by Rosalarian! 

Sex is great. Upwards of hundreds of people agree with me on this. Sex: awesome.

I want to be clear from the get-go here. This book is full of filth and by filth I mean sex. This book is only intended for people aged 18+. Not for kids. 1000% not for kids. I know there are bright rainbow colors and this has lead several inattentive parents to buy it for their offspring thinking it's going to be about the magic of friendship. I mean, it is about friendship. Some very close friendships that involve being naked together. Things get juicy.

This book is a bunch of sexy comics and a bunch of weird activity pages like puzzles and paper dolls and stories that made me, the author, say WTF??? out loud while writing it. “I both love and am scared of where this is going,” said one friend who I sent a snippet to as I was working on it. Don’t get me wrong. There is some very sexy sex in this filthy book. It’s also very strange. Have fun!

Stories include:

  • Change of Plans: A woman's bad tinder date gets better when she meets her date's hot roommate. (F/F)
  • Dirty Deeds: A thief breaks into a house and gets a sexy punishment. (F/F)
  • You Do Something To Me: A witch uses magic to connect with her fairy girlfriend while away on a trip. (F/F)
  • Moral Dilemma: An angel and a demon make a sexy bet for the fate of a man's soul. (F/F)
  • The Witch: The only virgin in town dreads the arrival of a witch who is said to eat virgins. (F/F)

There is also a trio of Greek mythology adaptations.

  • Heaven on Earth: The (pro)creation of the world. (F/M)
  • Object of Affection: Pygmalion makes the perfect woman out of stone, but she has her own desires. (F/F/M/M/F/M)
  • Six: Persephone and Hades' whirlwind romance is interrupted, but they keep the fire burning until she can rejoin him. (F/M)

Bonus content includes written erotica, mad libs, satirical "articles", pinups, coloring book pages, puzzles, quizzes, and more!

Content include a range of body types, BDSM, queer people, and lots of humor while still being sexy. (Good sex should include laughter!) As far as trans representation goes, I admit there is no overt depictions in the comics because this is a lot of earlier stuff and I wasn't there yet with my own mind and understanding, but the bonus content is newer and has trans content. I will say there is nothing in the book that equates vagina = woman/ penis = man. I want everyone to have fun here!

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