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The Third Book of Hope

The Third Book of Hope

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By Tommi Musturi. Published by Bries. 

Softcover, 48 pages, Colour, 2012. 

(description translated with Google translate!)

A Dream of Hope is an album-long dream, set in the South of the US, at the time of the Wild West. The leading role is played by gunslinger Jack, the main character's alter-ego. With his virtuoso use of only two pantone colours, Musturi makes the blistering heat and dryness almost tangible. He plays freely with the clichés of the western genre, but they form a smokescreen for the core of this book. Because this book is about the expectations placed on men, raising the question of what 'being a hero' actually means, and how little common ground heroism has with the everyday life of an average person. A Dream of Hope is the third book in the five-part series 'The books of hope', and is a metaphysical western comic that encourages reflection.


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