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The Sprite and the Gardner

The Sprite and the Gardner

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By Rii Abrego & Joe Whitt. Published by Oni Press.

Hardcover, 88 pages, Colour, 2021. 

"A delightful flower-scented tale of community and harmony with nature." — K. O'Neill, creator of The Tea Dragon Society series

Long, long ago, sprites were the caretakers of gardens. Every flower was grown by their hand. But when humans appeared and began growing their own gardens, the sprites’ magical talents soon became a thing of the past. When Wisteria, an ambitious, kind-hearted sprite, starts to ask questions about the way things used to be, she’ll begin to unearth her long-lost talent of gardening. But her newly honed skills might not be the welcome surprise she intends them to be. 

The Sprite and the Gardener, the debut graphic novel by Joe Whitt and Rii Abrego, is bursting with whimsical art and vibrant characters. Join our neighborhood of sprites in this beautiful, gentle fantasy where both gardens and friendships begin to blossom.

"The Sprite and the Gardener felt like a comforting hug around my heart when I needed it the most."

– Katy Farina, artist of Baby-Sitters Little Sisters

“A sparkling story about generosity and how nourishing others can save yourself."

– Lauren Knetzger, creator of Bug Boys

"A feel-good fantasy of flowering friendship."

– Kirkus

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