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The Repatriation Diaries

The Repatriation Diaries

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By Sarah Shaw. Self Published. 

Softcover, 32 pages, Colour, 2021.

The Repatriation Diaries is the first edition of Sarah Shaw’s ongoing series of autobiographical comics about returning to the USA after ten years of living abroad. Beginning with her unexpected move to Boston in the midst of a raging pandemic, she leads us through a year of her life in semi-isolation as she stumbles through each month, accidentally stealing a vacuum cleaner from her neighbor, working eclectic jobs, and finally getting a haircut.

While each story stands firmly on its own, a deeper narrative threads its way through this collection of 18 original anecdotes. Sarah Shaw captures a range of emotions through her unique visual storytelling, and she uses expressive linework and direct observations to add humor to the mundane events of her daily life. Printed in full color on 100 lb archival satin paper with a matte laminate cover, the object itself is as precious as the stories within it.

Winner, 2021 MICE Mini-Grant

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