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The Lodger (Vinyl)

The Lodger (Vinyl)

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*This is NOT a comic! But you can listen to it while you read comics!

By Graham Reynolds. Published by Fire Records. 

Vinyl LP Record, 2020

1. The Lodger
2. When He Sits At The Table
3. Golden Curls
4. Tempting Providence
5. You Will Not Rest
6. The Satchel view
7. Keep Your Handcuffs Hidden
8. Police Station
9. A Kiss On Hand
10. The Chase

 A specially recorded soundtrack for Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary Ripper-based drama by multi-award-winning composer Graham Reynolds (Where Do You Go, Bernadette/A Scanner Darkly)‘The Lodger’ – based on Marie Belloc Lowndes’ 1913 novel with a nod to the infamous Jack The Ripper case – set many hearts racing when visiting the East End of London and an unexpected fog descended. The drama was afoot, and the tension has been further escalated with a re-imagined score by composer, bandleader, and innovative improvisor, Graham Reynolds.

 This tale of murder and suspense set on the streets of terrorised London is eerily completed as Reynolds’ sweeps from light to dark; it’s playful in places, haunting, a tease – like Hitchcock at his best. Nowhere is safe, even the seemingly innocuous ‘Police Station’ which is accompanied by a brooding piece of maniacal piano that underpins a gloriously evocative theme; a haunting and suggestive muse that stutters with tension.

It’s another Reynolds’ master stroke on the heels of his score for Richard Linklater’s ‘Where Do You Go, Bernadette’, his work on Ballet Austin’s ‘Grimm Tales’ and his contribution to ‘The Sound Of Science’, a multimedia collaboration with Kronos Quartet’s former cellist Jeffery Zeigler.

“Award-winning composer and bandleader Graham Reynolds evokes the terror-stricken streets of Jack The Ripper-era London with consummate expertise.” Norman Records  

“Instead of traveling down a neo-classicist path, Reynolds delivers moments evocative of a modern thriller.” ★★★★★ The Vinyl District 

“Reynolds adds contemporary tension and weightiness to The Lodger (..) playing with notions of safety and the inevitability of demise” Austin Chronicle 

“Playfully sinister and modern” Brooklyn Vegan 

The quintessential modern composer” London independent

Rich and inventive” Variety


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