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The Last Lonely Saturday

The Last Lonely Saturday

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By Jordan Crane. Published by Bries. 

Softcover, 80 pages, 2-Colour, 2000. 

An older man sits at his kitchen table, filled with melancholy. Dishes are piled up in the sink, a full pot of coffee burns on the counter; it's a quiet scene of existential despair. The man is a widower, and today is the day to visit his departed wife's gravesite. Little does he know that what the day holds for him will result in this being his last lonely Saturday.

Both sweet and bitter, realistic and fantastic, The Last Lonely Saturday is an evocative, romantic novella told in a beautiful two-color, red and yellow palette. His economical images waste not a line, and his narrative flows effortlessly from panel to panel in this heartwarming story of love and love lost.

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