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The Last Halloween

The Last Halloween

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By Abby Howard. Published by Iron Circus Comics.

Softcover, 442 pages, B&W, 2020. 

In a grisly gothic adventure at the end of the world, ten-year-old Mona and her motley crew of good-hearted ghouls must stop an invading horde of monsters, or this will be The Last Halloween!

Abby Howard is a cartoonist whose interests include dinosaurs, horror, and Spoons, her beautiful cat. She’s been drawing comics since first discovering there was such a thing, even-tually putting them online and gaining a following that led to a full-time cartooning career. She’s the creator of the self-published humor comic, Junior Scientist Power Hour,the gothic adventure The Last Halloween,the horror collection Crossroads at Midnight(both from Iron Circus Comics), and the Earth Before Us series from Amulet, a three-book educational series about ancient beasts.

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