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The Ghost of Gaudi

The Ghost of Gaudi

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By El Torres & Jesús Alonso Iglesias. Published by Lion Forge. 

Hardcover, 120 pages, Colour, 2017 (originally published in Spanish in 2015)

Someone is committing barbarous murders throughout Barcelona, focusing on locations designed by renowned visionary architect Antoni Gaudi. The police have no clues, but a young woman is thrust into the investigation by a man resembling the late Gaudi himself, led to the scenes of the crimes before they even occur... could be a precognizant ghost? A visual tour through the beautiful streets of Barcelona on a true edge-of-your-seat thriller written by El Torres and illustrated by Jesus Alonso, both natives of the city. Winner of several awards in Spain.

One of the most prolific Spanish comic writers in recent years, El Torres’s works have been released in the United States through companies such as Image Comics and IDW Publishing, and most recently through his own independent publishing company, Amigo Comics. His successful horror books include The Veil, The Suicide Forest, Nancy in Hell, Drums, and The Westwood Witches, all earning him the label “master of horror.” Some of these books have been optioned for film and have been released in numerous countries, including France, Germany, the United States, Spain, and Japan. He currently lives in Málaga, Spain.

With a degree in fine arts, specializing in design, Jesús Alonso spent five years working in the Animation Studio Milímetros, SA, creating layouts, storyboards, and character designs for several TV series, such as Pippi Calzaslargas, Renade, Street Sharks, and Todos los Perros van al Cielo, as well as animation features Los Tres Reyes Magos and La Colina del Dragón. He was soon assigned as preproduction chief with the series Altair and feature film El Cid. In addition to this narrative work, he has also worked in advertising, with companies such as Remo Asatsu, Remo D6, Bassat Ogilvy, ACH&Asociados, and Draftworldwide. In 2002 he began his career as a freelance illustrator, creating popular comics for the French and Spanish markets, including the renowned Silhouette with writer Victor Santos and POS with writer Pierre Paquet.

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