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The Changeling: Volume 1

The Changeling: Volume 1

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By Tina N. Lugo. Published by Silver Sprocket 

 Softcover, 64 pages, B&W, 2022

Long ago, when gods and demons still roamed the earth… a human touched the heart of a beast. Their offspring would be known as Lycans: half-human, half-wolf. Over time, the Lycans split into four clans, kept in balance by the Heketi, a group of elite warriors hand-picked to serve as defenders and peacekeepers of their lands.

Luth, a young Lycan, enters the grueling trial to become a Heketi for the first time. With her fighting skills, sharp wits, and the help of an oath-bound will-o-wisp, she may just survive the traps and challenges that await her in the forest. However, she may not be able to outrun her destiny as the Dark Star… and even she does not know what consequences that destiny will bring.

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