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The big wet balloon

The big wet balloon

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By Liniers. Published by Toon Books. 

Softcover, 32 pages, Colour, 2013. 

When her little sister, Clemmie, refuses to go out in the rain, Matilda sets out to teach her all the delights of a wet Saturday. But after her enthusiasm leads her to make a big mistake, it’s Matilda who will end up learning an unforgettable lesson. The world-renowned cartoonist Liniers gives us a funny and sweet portrait of his daughters that is sure to become every beginning reader’s favorite story. 

Ricardo Liniers Siri lives in Buenos Aires with his wife and two daughters, Matilda and Clementina, who inspired The Big Wet Balloon. For more than ten years, he has published a hugely popular daily strip, Macanudo, in the Argentine newspaper La Nación. He also tours the world drawing on stage with musician Kevin Johansen. His work has been published in nine countries from Brazil to the Czech Republic, but The Big Wet Balloon is his first book in the United States.

"This adorable comic-like tale of two sisters who spend a rainy day playing outside wooed our kid reviewers because it didn’t look like a typical early reader. The level is discreetly displayed on the back. 'The story was much more substantial than other early readers, yet it used enough recognizable words for my 5-year-old to get through it on her own,' says one mom."

--Parents Magazine
10 Best Children's Books of 2013 AND Best Early Reader

★ “An excellent example of how well comics can work for early readers, this warm and accessible story is sure to be a favorite."
--Kirkus Reveiws (starred review)

★ ​"It’s a tender, accurate depiction of sister dynamics, including the lessons they invariably learn from each other, and Liniers’s cartoon drawings capture the siblings’ distinct, expressive personalities."
--The Horn Book Magazine (starred review)

"Loving and thoughtful"
--The New York Times

"Not every sibling relationship is fraught with resentment. Scanning the children’s literature landscape, however, you might forget this is the case. Lately, at least, the reluctant brother or sister seems like the norm. Argentinian cartoonist Liniers goes in another direction. A simple, funny slice of life, The Big Wet Balloon succeeds by effectively depicting a sibling relationship and the joys of a child’s world. A story of young sisters on an everyday adventure... The full-color illustrations have have a sophisticated cartoon quality. Most would look right at home in a Sunday comic strip, yet occasionally pull back to give a sense of the outdoor surroundings... No sibling rivalry here, just sisters enjoying a day in the rain. Readers will enjoy it too."
--100 Scope Notes, School Library Journal

"Ricardo Liniers’s charmingly illustrated children’s book is beautifully rendered."
--Graphic Novel Reporter

"A story that presents an up-close view of a tender sororal friendship... intimate ink-and-watercolor vignettes."
--Publisher's Weekly

"Just amazing! Two sisters, Clemmie and Matilda, navigate their way through a rainy day, and of course, learn a little something about being sisters in the process."
--Julia's Bookbag

"It’s not an understatement to say this book is just stunning."
--The Roarbots

"Liniers tells a quiet story that taps into moments of childhood life the way that few comics manage (or bother to try), augmented by a color palette that creates a deep sense of mood, warm line work, and characters visually reminiscent of Bill Keane’s classic Family Circus. An uncommonly family-friendly tale, great for parents to share with their kids."

"From the first page I knew [The Big Wet Balloon] was one of the best TOON Books to date. The illustrations, the storyline, and the overall endearing quality of the characters put my much-wanted nap far from my mind. I had something extraordinarily special to read, a new early reader comic book that is most likely – in my opinion – going to garner acclaim from librarians, teachers, parents, and it's very valued young readers."
--Diamond Bookshelf

"Whether you were the older sibling taking the lead but sometimes making mistakes or the younger who sometimes followed and sometimes was dragged along on adventures that were sometimes fun and sometimes scary, this story is for you."
--Mackin Books in Bloom

"Liniers’ line and watercolor (naturally!) drawings, done in a muted rainy-day palette, tell a little story that kids will enjoy any day, rain, shine or somewhere in between."

"A sweet and simple book that captures the innocence and love between two little girls."
--Mommy Maestra

"It's simple, elegant, playful and beautiful."
--Comic Book Resources

"In this charming story based on the author's own children, Matilda encourages her reluctant younger sister, Clemmie, to enjoy a rainy Saturday outside. It is the rubber boots they need, not the rubber balloon. The brief bits of text are enhanced with the simple line drawings of all the adventures of these loving sisters; using an umbrella for the first time, finding worms, and seeing a rainbow. I wonder if the girls should have run for safe cover when the thunder roared. Later the wet balloon is offered up as a gift to the rainbow and Matilda then makes sure the Saturday ends well, even though they may have a few sniffles from their rainy day of play. This is the first book published in the U.S. by Liniers but we should hope there will be many more to come."
-- SWON Libraries

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