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The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects

The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects

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By Mike Mignola. Published by Dark Horse. 

Softcover, 92 pages, Colour, 2002. 

When Emperor Zombie threatens the safety of all life on earth, President Lincoln enlists the aid of a mechanical head. With the help of associates Mr. Groin (a faithful manservant) and Mr. Dog (a dog), Screw-On Head must brave ancient tombs, a Victorian flying apparatus, and demons from a dimension inside a turnip. This beloved collection of oddball Mignola creations also includes "The Magician and the Snake" from Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings, and nearly fifty pages of additional material, available now for the first time in paperback!

"Mignola always has a way of meshing the eccentrically creative with the quietly brilliant in the most memorable way possible." -Mignolaversity

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