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The Adventures of Price Achmed (Blu-ray)

The Adventures of Price Achmed (Blu-ray)

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*This is not a comic! But animation and comics go together like this -crosses fingers- 

Directed by Lottie Reiniger. Produced by BFI. 

Blu-ray disc, 67 minutes, 1926

The first feature-length animation in film history, masterminded by Lotte Reiniger and hand-tinted frame by frame. Based on 'The Arabian Nights', the film tells the epic tale of Prince Achmed, who is tricked into mounting a magical flying horse by a wicked sorcerer. The horse carries Achmed off on a series of adventures, over the course of which he joins forces with young Aladdin, battles ogres and monsters and romances the beautiful Princess Peri Banu.

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