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Studio Image 3

Studio Image 3

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By Syd Mead. Published by Design Studio Press.

Softcover, 36 pages, Colour and B&W, 2024 (originally published 1989)

The RGB collection reissue utilizes conceptual sketches, as well as full-color illustrations to provide a glimpse of the future, as it was in the past, through the eyes of one of the greatest visionaries of our lifetime.

This reissue of Studio Image 3 was the long awaited third and final addition to the Studio Image series titled RGB collection. It brings together some of Syd Mead’s finest full-color illustrations at the time of publication, in 1989. Never-before-seen concept drawings for theme park attractions and television shows of the time such as Journey to the Center of the Earth, and movies like Princess of Mars, Aliens and Solar Crisis take the viewer on a visual fantasy excursion to a place in time not yet seen by anyone other than Syd Mead.

Printed on high-quality 16.5" x 11.75", this book features the emerging ideas in sketch form and further showcases some of Syd Mead's finest illustrations in a format suitable for framing.

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