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Stars, Hide Your Fire

Stars, Hide Your Fire

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By Kel McDonald & Jose Pimienta. Published by Iron Circus Comics. 

Softcover, 162 pages, Colour, 2021.

A resonant graphic novel about the price of growing up—or avoiding it. — FOREWORD

Andrea and Darra live in a dead-end Massachusetts town, making their way through high school with hopeful (but slim) dreams of escape. Everything's going according to plan until a chance encounter with an otherworldly spirit named Carmen changes everything!

Carmen promises Andrea eternal life, but a mysterious young boy named Liam shows up claiming he had also made a deal with Carmen, and it didn't go well . . . 100 years ago. Liam must convince his new friends of Carmen's evil nature before Andrea is tricked into a supernatural bargain that will upend her new life before it even starts.

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