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Space Story

Space Story

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By Fiona Ostby. Published by West Margin Press. 

Softcover, 160 pages, 5-Colour, 2022

A quietly powerful graphic novel of hope, separation, and perseverance in the journey to reunite with those you love.


"Set in a near future of apocalyptic threat and space colonization, Fiona Ostby's debut graphic novel, Space Story, is a queer love story full of wistful longing. . . Refreshingly, most characters are women or nonbinary and are matter-of-factly represented as queer. Many particularly touching spreads create parallels: a left-hand panel in red, opposite one in blue, show Leah and Hannah in separate beds, facing each other across an impossible divide. The simple layouts and focus on relationships turn a cosmic dystopia into something universal."
Shelf Awareness, featured as one of the Best Books of the Week

"This is a story filled with bitter-sweet moments (but with a happy ending), and I am in love with it."

"Economical and poignantly told, Ostby’s debut graphic novel sets a queer family’s separation drama against an apocalyptic backdrop. . . This is a touching love story for hard times."
Publishers Weekly

Two women fall in love and start a family on a dying Earth.

Only one escapes to space.

Her family is still on the planet.

They won't give up until they find each other again.

From debut author Fiona Ostby, Space Story weaves an interstellar tale of discovering love and finding strength, courage, and hope—even in the darkest moments.

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