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By Erin K Wilson. Published by Silver Sprocket.

Softcover, 148 pages, Monochrome, 2013. 

Trying to save the world while struggling to save yourself is a recipe for (climate) disaster.

In this magical realist graphic memoir, Erin navigates the punk/activist art scenes while dealing with personal and environmental devastation; racial inequality and internalized racism; and the sometimes difficult business of staying alive in the face of mental health conditions.

It asks and answers the question: what would we do if we could counsel our younger self?

Content Warning: This book contains material that some might find disturbing including a reference to sexual assault, mental health struggles, and suicidal thoughts.

“Erin Wilson is doing the hard work: Trying to save the planet while she herself is unraveling. She’s trying to find hope for a world that just seems hopeless, and yet she manages to sneak in moments of beauty and friendship that become the framework for redemption. Her story is personal and political, and it needs to be told.”

— Liz Prince

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