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Snake Pit: Notes on Adolescent Depression and Suicide

Snake Pit: Notes on Adolescent Depression and Suicide

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By Cara Bean. Self Published.

Softcover, 32 pages, B&W, 2017.

Cara Bean created Snake Pit to visually process a workshop she attended, led by Randy P. Auerbach, PhD, Director of Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders at McLean Hospital.

Snake Pit attempts to destigmatize depression, and explores the symptoms, outside forces that can amplify depression, and lasting effects of depression. Cara also investigates what you can do to help others or yourself work through depression, and address the risk of suicide.

A lovingly made comic, Snake Pit isn’t shy about talking about difficult subjects and encourage readers to seek help. It can be helpful for teenagers struggling with depression, their friends, family and teachers.

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