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Smutcomic 2: Athens, the Bed We Share

Smutcomic 2: Athens, the Bed We Share

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Edited by Korinna Mei Veropoulou. Self Published.

Softcover, 119 pages, 2-Colour, 2022. 

Smutcomic #2 is an erotic comics anthology by 13 female and non-binary artists, who are part of the Greek indie comics scene!

The first volume of Smutcomic was self-published in April 2019 and it made its first appearance at Comicdom Con in Athens. With its trademark pink cover and large size, it became something of a must-have at all comics conventions that year and it was nominated for the Best Self-Published comic at the Greek Comics Awards. Working on this project together, from the creation of the comics to the promotion of the book, was an opportunity for us, the artists behind it all, to bond as well. Our newly found friendship, combined with the love we received from our readers, made it obvious that a second volume was inevitable! But the pandemic had different plans. It stopped the production of the second book dead in its tracks around this time last year when all 2020 conventions were postponed. Typically we plan our publications around comics conventions but with 2021 not being much different, these fun occasions felt like a distant past. So we decided to find another way to get our work out there; hence a crowdfunding campaign!

Smutcomic #1 is a collection of stand-alone erotic comics. But for the second book we decided to go for something a bit more challenging and fun for us (and hopefully you, the reader). Smutcomic #2 consists of 13 interconnected stories. When each story ends, one of the characters jumps into the next one to unexpected new adventures.The book is essentially a chain of sexcapades all around the city that we hate to love, and love to hate,  Athens! With very few new publications and a strict and never ending lockdown that doesn’t allow us to enjoy the city, we wanted to create a sexy, funny and loving book that would celebrate both indie comics and the buzz of city life.

The artists: Korinna Mei Veropoulou \ Stella Stergiou \ Lussaki \ Roberta Yaitzoglu Watkinson \ Katerina M. \ Poisoner \ Silena Nikolopoulou \ Smar \ Georgia Zachari \ Siadora \ Elena Gogou \ ultramarie \ vabiropula

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