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Slightly Plural

Slightly Plural

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By Marnie Galloway. Self Published. 

Softcover, 44 pages, B&W, 2018.

Marnie Galloway wrote the eleven comics that compose Slightly Plural while pregnant with her second child. Marnie generously shares honest personal accounts of her pregnancy with her first kid, his first few years of life, her second attempt at pregnancy, and her life/work/parenting balance. Marnie’s style of storytelling fluctuates between metaphorical and direct autobiographical, helping illustrate her own varying perspectives on child birth.

Marnie’s drawings are vibrantly active in these pages! Patterns dance, realistic renderings morph into more symbolic glyphs, and back again into more natural states, and we are invited deep into Marnie’s meditations on a very personal part of her life. This comic is a relatable must-have for parents, and an welcoming new perspective for those who don’t have kids!

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