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Sleeping While Standing

Sleeping While Standing

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By Taki Soma. Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

Softcover, Colour, 2022.

A series of short autobiographical strips, dropping in at important events throughout her life that shaped who she is today, told in a compelling and humorous authorial voice. We are led by Taki through her early childhood in Japan in the early 80s, to moving to Minnesota, the separation of her parents, childhood trauma, teenage angst, death, drugs, comics, health issues, love, fertility, pets and zombies; all of life is here in this book!

It's a picture of a highly regarded creator, with an unflinching look at some particularly harrowing moments, but threaded through with levity and love.

Plus Forewords by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming!!!

Taki Soma is a HUGO award nominated artist, writer, and a colorist. She’s worked on projects such as Rapture, Sinergy, The Victories, United States vs. Murder, Inc., Bitch Planet, Dick Tracy, The After Realm, Iron Man and others – her work can be found throughout publishers such as Image, IDW, Marvel, Dark Horse, Jinxworld at DC and more! She lives surrounded by furry critters and a husband who shares the same passion in comics.

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