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Sister Clawdetta: Murder at the Monastery

Sister Clawdetta: Murder at the Monastery

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By Tor Freeman. Published by Bog Eyed Books. 

Softcover, 48 pages, Colour, 2022. 

Sister Clawdetta – there’s nun like her!

There’s trouble at the monastery: monks keep turning up not alive! Who is behind these sinister murders – and who will be next??

Father Eglantine can think of only one person to call: Sister Clawdetta, the nun detective!

Join our heroic sister and her new sidekick Anuncias as they go deep into the mysteries of the medieval monastery, and discover much more than they’d bargained for…

"Tor Freeman’s latest book Sister Clawdetta: Murder at the Monastery from kids-centric graphic novel publisher Bog-Eyed Books adopts the same irreverent tone and bustling pages as its predecessor Welcome to Oddleigh. It’s one of those all-ages books that has plenty of wonderfully silly slapstick adventure for the younger reader but enough references for the older reader (Brother Subbuteo was a particular favourite) that they too can enjoy it on an altogether different level."

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Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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