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Sim Sim Magica

Sim Sim Magica

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By Chu Nap. Published by Peow Studio.

Softcover, 179 pages, Monochrome, 2018. 


Written & illustrated by Chu Nap, storyboarded by Punimelt, featuring CG backgrounds by Mushbuh

Galey is an Elfien student at the Academy of Magica, unsure of their place in this world. An experience with Sim Sim, a new type of virtual magic with unknown potential, will set Galey on a strange, winding path of self-discovery, through the dark and the light.

Book 1 (of 2)

"Aaah, I loved this so much!! The art is so cute and pretty, the story is so relatable . . . The world Sim Sim Magica creates has to be one of my favorite scifi/fantasy worlds in comics!!"

Elena, Goodreads review

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