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Shitty Watchmen

Shitty Watchmen

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Edited by Dave Baker & Nicole Goux. Self Published. 

Softcover, I don't know how many pages, but maybe the same number as Watchmen so 448? B&W, 2017.

Shitty Watchmen is a formalist exercise analyzing the language of comics as utilized by Alan Moore and, more importantly, Dave Gibbons. Created by Dave Baker, Nicole Goux, Rachel Dukes, Malachi Ward, Nick Diaz, Emilie Vo, Sam Ancona, Chuck Kerr, Colby Bluth, Robert Negrete, and Sabrina Deigert, Shitty Watchmen seeks to scrutinize the masterful use of composition and panel breakdown within the most undeniably complex comic book ever created. The means by which these staggering artistic achievements are deconstructed? Super shitty drawings. 


Shitty Watchmen.

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