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Shitty Dark Knight

Shitty Dark Knight

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Edited by Dave Baker. Self Published.

Softcover, I don't know how many pages but I assume the same number as The Dark Knight so 224? B&W, 2018.

Shitty Dark Knight is a formalist exercise analyzing the language of comics. Its goal is to boil down the visual storytelling in Dark Knight Returns to its worst possible execution in order to see if it still communicates. Featuring the talents of Dave Baker, Andrew MacLean, Nicole Goux, Jordan Gibson, Alexis Ziritt, Nick Derington, Malachi Ward, Sam Grinberg, Colby Bluth, Tom Neely, Paul Maybury, Erwin Papa, Baldemar Rivas, Buster Moody, Jim Mahfood, Matt Allison, Ryan Quackenbush, Jim Rugg, and Zack Soto.

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