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Shapes and Shapes

Shapes and Shapes

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By Ivan Brunetti. Published by Toon Books. 

Softcover, 32 pages, Colour, 2023

Circles, triangles, and squares: the game is on!
Respected art professor IVAN BRUNETTI still remembers the fun he had playing with shapes as a kid. In the hands of the author/artist of 
Wordplay3x4, and Comics: Easy as ABC, shapes explode, divide, and multiply, offering young readers a basic yet exciting art and math lesson. Kids will laugh as they learn—and will also see the world in a new way. Brunetti deftly highlights the nature and logic of shapes, laying a foundation for geometry and illustration for readers of all ages!

★ "If the Platonic ideal of the young children's comic both helps them interpret their world and introduces new ideas for them to explore and expand on, then Brunetti has brought that conceptual model into actual existence." – Booklist STARRED REVIEW

"A strong introduction to graphic novels . . . . Will have readers eagerly pointing out the shapes around them." — Kirkus Reviews

"Captures the fun of a bunch of kids getting their creativity into tip-top shape."​— Publishers Weekly

"This is the sort of picture book that moves easily from the lap into the  world, encouraging children ages 3-6 to recognize the shapes around them hiding in plain sight." – The Wall Street Journal

Readers are learning all about shapes as the students are [...] Brunetti’s artwork itself is a sophisticated version of what the kids are doing." — Youth Services Book Review

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