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Shades of Fear

Shades of Fear

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Edited by Ashanti Fortson & Allison O’Toole. Published by Balustrade Press.

Softcover, 179 pages, Colour, 2022

Experience terror in blood red, sickly yellow, and ethereal blue. 

Shadows flitting from the corner of your eye beneath the neon of fluorescent lights, the visceral red beneath your skin that protects you from the outside world, the lush green of the dark forest that surrounds and beckons to you. Shades of Fear is an anthology of subtle, psychological horror comics with a focus on emotional and evocative color. These storieswill show you the horror of loss and sacrifice, of what lurks in liminal spaces, and of the unknowable that lies just beyond the veil.

The collection features stories by: Desolina Fletcher, Ashanti Fortson,Mar Julia, Molly Mendoza, Grendel Menz, Tess Eneli Reid, Joy San, Olivia Stephens, Shannon Wright, and Jade Zhang. Pin-up illustration are by Amber Huff, and the cover is by Maya McKibbin. Shades of Fear is edited by Ignatz Award winner Ashanti Fortson(Leaf Lace, Wayward Kindred) and Joe Shuster Award winner Allison O’Toole(Wayward Sisters, Wayward Kindred).

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