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Scuzzy Art Made During a Very Strange Time

Scuzzy Art Made During a Very Strange Time

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By SpunkRock. Self Published.

Softcover, 44 pages, Colour, 2021. 

Erotic art with a heart!

The third SPUNK ROCK zine! Birthed during the pains and frustrations of a national lockdown as well as several big life events going off at once... erotic inspiration was a little hard to come by, so...

...I asked you to give me 3 words to describe your most recent/favourite sexual encounter. Bish bash bosh. Job done. I had hundreds of responses and could only choose 20 to create work based off.

So here, A5 size, 44 page Zine including 20 new digital pieces inspired by the people who keep me motoring every day. The majority of this work has not been seen. 🙊

A5 size stapled zine. Delicious soft touch cover.

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