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Scott C. Greeting Cards

Scott C. Greeting Cards

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By Scott Campbell. Self Produced. 

Almost A6-ish in size, it's Imperial! Colour, Blank Inside, €5, Choose One

Ha-Ha My Head - Aw,  a rainbow on the head.  Just let that rainbow wash over you, cleansing you of your troubles.  Your friends and family would feel much better with the rainbow bath that this card provides.

The FourIt is a beautiful day for the four rainbow spirits!  Let us celebrate happiness together as the cloud friends create a rainbow for us to relax upon. Is there someone you know who could use little cloud friend pick me up?  This little card may brighten their little day.

Koala HugIt is time to spread some hugs.  Koalas are some of the best huggers in all of the world.  They are so into hugging that they often fall asleep during the most intense of hugs.  Show your love with this koala hug greeting card.

Cards are on 12pt uncoated card stock - great for writing! 

Blank inside. Measures 4.25 x 5.5 inches

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