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Scenes from an Impending Marriage

Scenes from an Impending Marriage

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By Adrian Tomine. Published by Faber & Faber. 

Hardcover, 56 pages, B&W, 2011.


At the behest of his soon-to-be wife, Adrian Tomine set out to create a wedding favor for their guests that would be funnier and more personal than the typical chocolate bars and picture frames. What started out as a simple illustrated card soon grew into a full-fledged comic book: a collection of short strips chronicling the often absurd process of getting married. A loose, cartoony departure from Tomine's previous work,Scenes from an Impending Marriageis a sweet-natured, laugh out-loud skewering of the modern marriage process, including hiring a DJ, location scouting, trips to the salon, suit fittings, dance lessons, registering for gifts, and managing familial demands. The most personal and autobiographical work of Tomine's career,Scenes from an Impending Marriageis a charming, delightful token of love.


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