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Rust Belt

Rust Belt

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By Sean Knickerbocker. Published by Secret Acres. 

Softcover, 112 pages, Two-Colour, 2019. 

Rust Belt is a recording of disappointment, failure and frustration. A depiction of life observed by way of characters that don't feel created but rather feel as if they palpably breathe and cry. Rust Belt is the genuine article.”
- Chuck Forsman, author of The End of the Fucking World

Some people aren’t invited to the Resistance. They meet no definition of the Other. Identity politics excludes them. We call them unlucky when they fall victim to economic injustice. We blame their rage for our national crises – but do we know them? Rust Belt looks right at the underemployed, the working poor and the transients of America’s decaying, industrial cities.

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