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Reign Of Crumbs

Reign Of Crumbs

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By Glynnis Fawkes. Published by Kilgore Books.

Softcover, 76 pages, B&W, 2017. 

Glynnis Fawkes is an award-winning cartoonist who lives in Vermont with her family. When she's not galavanting around the globe documenting archeological digs, she's producing some of the most wonderful memoir comics in the field.

The beautiful brush pen slice-of-life comics in this collection honestly show the love, frustration, and just true surrealness that come from being a parent. Living with two kids who are constantly evolving, growing, and changing can be amazing and challenging - what's right one minute is wrong the next, but the need stays the same.

Fawkes deftly articulates these challenges while never forgetting to remind the reader how precious that weird thing is.

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