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Red Riding Hood Redux

Red Riding Hood Redux

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*Not opening the boxes so using the artist's own photos of the books themselves

By Nora Krug. Published by Bries. 

Softcovers, 72 pages, Colour, 2013

72 pages, box with five booklets, published by Bries

Have you ever wondered what the mother was doing after she sent Red Riding Hood to the grandmother’s house, to bring her wine and cake? Do you know what was going through the hunter’s mind when he entered the grandmother’s house, to cut open the wolf’s stomach? Did you know all he really wanted to do is impress Red Riding Hood’s mother, with whom he had a secret love affair? If you found out that the grandmother turned to drink after her husband’s untimely death, would you hold it against her?

These five booklets, each representing the literal viewpoint of each of the characters from the original tale, and each corresponding to one another page by page, shed light on the darkest forest intrigues and reveal the truth behind the famous fairytale.

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