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Proxy Mom, My Experience with Postpartum Depression

Proxy Mom, My Experience with Postpartum Depression

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By Sophie Adriansen & Mathou. Published by nbm. 

Softcover, 144 pages, Colour, 2024. 

Marietta and Chuck, madly in love, are expecting a baby. But childbirth marks the end of the fairy tale. Zoe's birth didn't go as Marietta imagined, and the maternal instinct is slow to manifest itself. While she no longer recognizes her body, Marietta feels herself losing her footing in the face of this vulnerable baby for whom she is now responsible. Will she manage to feel like a mother? To love her baby? To stop thinking that a proxy mom would do better than her? A humorful but realist viewpoint on a problem experienced by a significant number of new mothers, with an insight on how to overcome it.

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