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Permanent Press

Permanent Press

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By Luke Healy. Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

Softcover, 135 pages, B&W, 2018.

Luke is depressed, afflicted by a severe case of metaphoritis and deadlines that don't really exist.

Afraid of being forgotten by the comics community and unable to find motivation in anything besides jealousy, he sets out to create an award-winning comic that will remedy all of his problems.

Exploring themes of art and existence through worlds of worlds and numbers, Luke Healy's new graphic novel includes the Ignatz and Slate Cartoonist Studio Prize nominated story, 'The Unofficial Cuckoo's Nest Study Companion.'

Luke Healy is a graduate of Dublin City University, where he studied journalism, and The Center for Cartoon Studies where he earned an MFA in Cartooning.

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